Asian Paints Dealership Distributorship Cost in India: Profits, Licensing, and Key Details

Asian Paints, one of India’s leading paint companies, offers dealership and distributorship opportunities to individuals aspiring to venture into the paint industry. With a strong brand presence and a diverse range of products, becoming an Asian Paints dealer or distributor can be a lucrative business opportunity. In this blog post, we will explore the dealership and distributorship cost, profit potential, licensing requirements, and other essential details associated with Asian Paints in India.

Asian Paints Dealership vs. Distributorship:

Before diving into the specific details, it is essential to understand the difference between dealership and distributorship in the context of Asian Paints.


An Asian Paints dealership refers to a retail outlet authorized by the company to sell their products directly to customers. A dealership typically caters to end-users, providing a convenient point of purchase for individuals seeking Asian Paints products.


Asian Paints distributorship involves a larger scale of operations, where distributors purchase paint products in bulk from the company and supply them to multiple dealerships. Distributors act as intermediaries between Asian Paints and dealers, ensuring the availability of products across a wider area.

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Cost of Asian Paints Dealership/Distributorship:

To become an Asian Paints dealer or distributor, you need to invest a certain amount of capital. The cost primarily includes the following components:

Initial Investment: 

The initial investment required for an Asian Paints dealership or distributorship can vary based on factors such as location, store size, and market potential. On average, it can range from INR 6 lakhs to INR 8lakhs, considering the interior setup, infrastructure, and initial inventory.

Security Deposit: 

A security deposit is an amount that needs to be paid to Asian Paints as collateral. The deposit amount varies depending on the scale of the dealership or distributorship, and it is refundable upon the termination of the contract.

Interior Setup and Infrastructure: 

Creating an attractive retail outlet or warehouse requires investment in interior setup, including paintwork, display shelves, lighting, flooring, and other store fixtures. The cost for these aspects should be considered while calculating the overall investment.

Profit Potential and Margins:

The profitability of an Asian Paints dealership or distributorship can be significant, considering the brand value and market demand for the company’s products. The profit potential depends on various factors, such as location, market competition, marketing efforts, and operational efficiency.

Dealership Profit: 

As an Asian Paints dealer, you can earn profits through the retail sale of their products. The profit margin typically ranges from 8% to 15% on the MRP (Maximum Retail Price) of the products sold.

Distributorship Profit: 

Asian Paints distributors earn profits by supplying products to dealerships. The profit margin for distributors varies and is typically negotiated based on factors such as the volume of sales and distribution network.

Licensing and Other Requirements:

To establish an Asian Paints dealership or distributorship, certain licensing and other requirements need to be fulfilled:

Business Registration:

You need to register your business as a sole proprietorship, partnership, or private limited company, depending on the legal structure you choose.

Trade License: 

Obtain a trade license from the local municipal corporation or relevant authority to operate a retail or distribution business.

GST Registration: 

Register for Goods and Services Tax (GST) with the concerned tax authorities.

Storage Space:

 Ensure you have adequate storage space, either for a retail outlet or a warehouse, to accommodate the inventory.

Key Benefits and Support from Asian Paints:

Asian Paints provides various benefits and support to its dealers and distributors, which enhances the overall business experience. Some key aspects include:

Brand Reputation: 

Associating with a renowned brand like Asian Paints gives you a competitive advantage in the market, as customers trust the quality and reliability of the products.

Product Range: 

Asian Paints offers a wide range of paints, coatings, and allied products, catering to diverse customer needs. This extensive product portfolio helps attract a larger customer base.

Marketing Support: 

The company provides marketing support in the form of advertising campaigns, promotional materials, and brand collaterals, which assist dealers and distributors in driving sales.

Training and Technical Support: 

Asian Paints conducts training programs and provides technical assistance to its channel partners, ensuring they are well-equipped to handle customer queries and offer expert advice.

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How to contact Asian Paints for Dealership

To contact an Asian Paints dealership, you can follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Asian Paints website: Start by visiting the official website of Asian Paints. You can search for “Asian Paints” in your preferred search engine and click on the official website link.
  2. Locate the “Contact Us” section: Once you are on the Asian Paints website, look for the “Contact Us” section. It is usually found in the top or bottom navigation menu. Click on it to access the contact information.
  3. Find the dealership contact details: Within the “Contact Us” section, you should be able to find a list of various contact details, including dealership information. Look for options like “Dealer Locator” or “Find a Dealer” on the website. Click on these options to proceed.
  4. Enter your location: In the dealer locator section, you will typically be prompted to enter your location or provide your address. Type in your city, state, or postal code to find the nearest Asian Paints dealerships in your area.
  5. View dealership details: Once you submit your location information, the website should display a list of Asian Paints dealerships near you. It may include their addresses, phone numbers, and other relevant details.
  6. Contact the dealership: Choose the dealership that is most convenient for you or matches your requirements. Note down their contact information, including the phone number and address.
  7. Make a call or visit the dealership: Use the provided phone number to contact the Asian Paints dealership. Give them a call to inquire about their services, product availability, or any other information you require. Alternatively, you can visit the dealership in person during their working hours.
  8. Inquire about dealership opportunities: If you are interested in becoming an Asian Paints dealership yourself, you can also use the contact information to inquire about dealership opportunities. Express your interest and ask about the process and requirements for becoming a dealer.

Remember to be polite and professional when contacting the dealership, whether it is for personal inquiries or business opportunities.


Becoming an Asian Paints dealer or distributor in India can be a profitable business opportunity, given the brand’s reputation, diverse product range, and marketing support provided by the company. By understanding the initial investment, profit potential, licensing requirements, and the support available, aspiring entrepreneurs can make an informed decision about venturing into the Asian Paints dealership or distributorship business.

FAQs on Asian Paints Dealership

How can I apply for an Asian Paints dealership?

To apply for an Asian Paints dealership, you can visit their official website and look for information on dealership opportunities. They usually have a dedicated section or contact details for dealership inquiries. Reach out to them and follow the application process they provide.

What are the requirements to become an Asian Paints dealership?

Asian Paints typically has specific criteria and requirements for individuals or businesses interested in becoming their dealers. These may include factors such as financial stability, infrastructure, location, experience in the paint industry, and more. Contact Asian Paints directly to get detailed information about their specific requirements.

Is there an initial investment required for an Asian Paints dealership?

Yes, there is usually an initial investment required to establish an Asian Paints dealership. The exact amount may vary based on factors such as the dealership size, location, and other business-related expenses. Asian Paints will provide you with information about the investment amount during the application process.

What support does Asian Paints provide to their dealers?

Asian Paints offers various forms of support to their dealers. This may include product training, marketing and promotional materials, access to the latest product information, technical assistance, and guidance on running the dealership effectively. They have a strong network of support to help dealers succeed.

Can I become an Asian Paints dealership if I have no prior experience in the paint industry?

While having prior experience in the paint industry can be an advantage, it may not always be a strict requirement. Asian Paints evaluates potential dealers based on various factors, including their business acumen, financial stability, and commitment to customer service. If you have the passion and willingness to learn, you can still explore becoming an Asian Paints dealership.

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